About Us

Why the funny-looking email addresses?

The email addresses on the site (like comments {at} thecafeguide {dot} com) aren’t clickable, and they look weird because spambots (software looking to harvest email addresses to send spam to) harvest regular email links, and we hate getting spam. Fortunately, as a human you can just read the address out and type it as if the funny squiggly-bracket stuff weren’t there, and you’ll have a regular, normal email address that gets straight to us.

It’s a slightly annoying, we know, but it does help prevent automated spambot harvesters.

Who are we?

TheCafeGuide.com Podcast covers everything relating to coffee, tea and café culture, hosted by Richard Wolak, featuring news and interviews with experts on coffee, tea and cafes from around the world. Produced by: Paul Garay of Garay Music and Arthur Wolak. They live in Vancouver, Canada.


What is a podcast?

Podcasting (derived from Apple’s iPod & broadcasting) is a way of publishing sound files to the Internet, allowing users to receive new audio files automatically by subscription, usually at no cost. Unlike radio or streaming media, podcasts are time-shifted, meaning that listeners have control over when they hear the recording.

What is your show about? And who would be listening to it?

The show is about coffee, tea, café culture and cafes around the world. It is intended for people who love to learn and explore cafes and café culture. The show often features an interview with an expert in the coffee or tea industry. We share tips, things you would not learn from the website, funny cafe stories and surprises.

What is Background of the Host?

Our host Richard Wolak is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Arelco Promotional Group Inc that sells promotional products to major companies like Intrawest Resorts, Best Buy, University of British Columbia and more. He is also the Editor and Publisher of TheCafeGuide.com a global website devoted to café culture.

Other than a little experience being interviewed on radio shows he had not done any audio work before starting podcasting, although he has done a fair amount of public speaking.

Over the years, he did a lot of traveling and has visited thousands of cafes in cities all over the world.

Richard enjoys learning about new coffees, teas, foods and café culture from all parts of the globe.

Who is the target audience?

TheCafeGuide.com Podcast is targeting coffee and tea enthusiasts and café lovers ranging from consumers to industry professionals looking for the latest news, reviews, examples, and techniques to hone their craft.

How do I subscribe to TheCafeGuide.com Podcast?

 You can subscribe to TheCafeGuide.com Podcast using iTunes or other software, such as Google Reader, Bloglines, JuiceZuneNetNewsWire, or Doppler, or listen to directly on the web at https://thecafeguide.wordpress.com/  .

Does TheCafeGuide.com Podcast accept advertising or sponsorship?

TheCafeGuide.com Podcast is currently largely independently self-financed, with some sponsorship in products, and occasional advertising. We will consider further appropriate sponsors or advertisers in the future. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring or advertising on the show or website, please email sales {at} thecafeguide {dot} com. Advertising or sponsorship will not affect how we evaluate the products we review.

I like the show. Can I support TheCafeGuide.com Podcast in a small way?

Okay, maybe you don’t ask us this very frequently, but we’d like it if you did. To support TheCafeGuide.com Podcast directly, you can donate using our PayPal tip jar.

These donations helps pay for hosting and bandwidth for the podcast and website.


Can I make suggestions or comments?

Please! The best place to make suggestions is to send email to comments {at} thecafeguide {dot} com.

Could you please review my favourite product?

We love your suggestions about the show, including products you’d like us to review. But it’s not always possible for us to obtain the specific ones you’re asking for, since we can’t afford to purchase every possible option ourselves, and manufacturers are not always able to send us samples.

More useful is suggesting types of products you’d like to hear reviewed or discussed if we haven’t covered them already, or in the way that would be most helpful to you. Please contact us with your ideas.

What is TheCafeGuide.com?

TheCafeGuide.com is the ultimate destination on the web for finding cafes in your city or worldwide, resources that include coffee, tea and chocolate history, recipes and more. Updated frequently, it’s a smart guide about cafes and culture. Members get involved via our cafe reviews and article feedback. Visit us at www.thecafeguide.com

Our Podcasts are (c) 2008 by TheCafeGuide.com a division of Arelco Promotional Group Inc under a Creative Commons license.


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