Episode #1 (Enhanced) – Intelligentsia Coffee, Harney and Sons Tea, and the Clover Coffee Brewer (2008-03-24)

On todays show we are going to be talking about Intelligentsia Coffee, Harney & Sons Tea and much, much more. Click on the link below to download the podcast to your computer, or subscribe in iTunes.


If you can play Enhanced podcasts (AAC enhanced) on your iPod, PlayStation Portable, Apple TV, Xbox 360, TiVo, or Zune, or in iTunes or QuickTime, you’ll find lots of photos and links accompanying this enhanced episode.


00:00 Show intro, Introducing Richard Wolak as the host.
00:40   Intelligentsia Coffee
01:58   Harney & Sons Tea
05:09   Barista Championships
06:39   Café reviewers for TheCafeGuide.com
07:40   The Clover Coffee brewer
09:32  Ritual Coffee Roasters – San Francisco, USA 
10:34  Caffe Art Java – Montreal, Canada
11:59  Tropicana Café – Sydney, Australia
12:43  Write to us with your suggestions and comments at to comments {at} thecafeguide {dot} com
13:00  Until next time
13:14  End of show


Sounds: Our theme music was supplied by Apple’s GarageBand software.
Pictures: Photos supplied by TheCafeGuide.com, and are courtesy of Richard Wolak and Arthur Wolak.
Produced by:  Paul Garay of Garay Music and Arthur Wolak 
This Podcast is (c) 2008 by TheCafeGuide.com a division of Arelco Promotional Group Inc under a Creative Commons license.


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